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Happy Clients

If only my clients could talk!  

Here is what their human parents have to say:

Julie is simply amazing. As a person she is incredibly kind, dedicated, and so knowledgeable. As a dog trainer she is extremely patient, with both dog and owner and basically a dog encyclopedia. Every question I had she could answer without even thinking about it. She travels to your house which is amazing especially since I decided group classes was not a good idea for my puppy and I. I chose to do a 10 week session with Julie and Bentley (my Berense Mountain dog puppy) was seriously a different dog after those 10 weeks. I remember when julie first met my family which is an experience in itself and then I brought out Bentley who was at the time 16 weeks old. He would not walk on a leash (he preferred to lay down and just have us drag him on his back) which was one of our biggest problems. Within 20 minutes he was up off his back walking around the yard like an old pro. She taught us a few new things every week which was great because we could practice the new commands and master them before she returned for the next weeks class. Bentley would refuse to jump in the back of my SUV so Julie would take extra time at the end of the class to teach him to jump up in my car! First and foremost she is a wonderful person, but she is also an incredible dog trainer. Bentley and I are so thankful that she came into our lives we would have been lost with out her!"

Bentley in the down command
"When I first began looking for a dog trainer--we were extremely skeptical but we knew we needed someone to help us with our new greyhound/lab mix puppy, Maggie. She was a sweet girl but she was a nervous wreck. After being rescued from abandonment, she spent the first four weeks with us shuttering in her crate. She knew no commands, didn't respond to her name and was very anxious about EVERYTHING. She wouldn't eat if someone was even in the house with her and she was terrified of her toys. When we got in contact with Julie, she assured us that she would be able not only work with Maggie, but how to show US how to work with her. She was always flexible, on time and very knowledgeable. She began teaching us how to work with Maggie to train her she would learn is a positive way what we wanted her to do and not exacerbate her anxiety. Julie was so good with Maggie and we noticed not only was Maggie learning her simple commands, but warming up quickly. She began coming to the door when Julie arrived and we knew we had found our match! As the weeks wet by, we started seeing more stubbornness as she came out of her shell. Julie knew exactly the proper way to address this behavior as efficiently as the anxious one. She always knew the best way to correct any situation and helped teach us as well as Maggie how to work as a family. We learned how to be dominant and structured with our pup, and Maggie learned how to trust us. I was so impressed with how well she had such a connection with dogs and how much she knew about training, we ended up signing up again at the end of our 10 weeks. Now that Maggie has finished 20 total weeks with Julie, she has grown from a scared, stubborn shell of a dog to a very confident, obedient and well trained dog. In that time, she was not only learned her sit, stay, down, off, exit, stop, paw, easy, wait and okay on command but Julie gave us the peace of mind of being able to trust our dog. She helped our fight or flight puppy learn to be able to walk obediently on a leash as well as her boundaries off the leash. She always recommended the best products for her and knew her research. She was always there to take my phone call when I didn't know what to do or stayed a few minutes late to help me with her new training collar to make sure I understood it or to even help me take a tick off her (I am terrified!) She made sure everyone learned how to work with Maggie and be consistent with her. She would have my husband and I both teaching her what we wanted her to do as well as both of our kids. We now have re-hired her to train our new pit mix puppy and so far we are seeing the same results. She is not only great with teaching our new dog the same things we taught Maggie, but she is a god send of helping us adjust Maggie to her new sister Macey. She has been great with helping housebreak her and work on their dominance issues and getting them used to listening together. We would be totally lost with Julie. She has become part of our family and I honestly believe nobody else could have helped us not only create such a wonderful bond with our dogs, but helped us shape their personalities, nip bad behavior and teach us how to be consistent with them. Our family highly recommends Julie Comeau to anyone with any dog and any personality. She is the BEST!"
"Maggie in a sit/stay"

"Julie is the best dog trainer around!  I had been looking for a dog trainer for my two year old pug, Mabel, for a few weeks before coming across Julie's website.  What I was running into with other places was their schedule of training classes not working with my schedule.  I have a toddler and another baby on the way and the issues I was having with Mabel I wanted resolved before our newborn came.  When I came across her website and it said that she travels to your home, I thought perfect, this will really work!  After the first conversation with Julie, I could tell she was very knowledgable about dogs, dog training, and getting the results that I wanted in a time frame that worked for me.  I had hired another dog trainer when Mabel was just a puppy and it didn't work out very well.  One of the main problems I had with the previous dog trainer was her constant need to put me down as to why we waited so long to do any type of training with Mabel.  She was around 18 weeks at the time.  We started our ten week training right away and Julie never once made me feel like a bad dog owner for waiting so long to train my dog.  In fact, she made me feel good that I was taking the right steps and doing it now instead of later.  One of the things I liked best about Julie, was that she was very calm and stayed calm even when I was getting frustrated doing certain commands.  She was always on time, another one of things I liked about her.  After the ten weeks of training, I have seen a huge difference in Mabel.  All of the major issues that I was having are resolved.  I have said to Julie on several occasions how good she is at her job.  Her knowledge of dogs is tremendous and her overall personality makes her a wonderful dog trainer to work with.  I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Mabel being taught the "porch" command

"My wife and I really enjoyed working with Julie.  Our German Sheppard puppy also liked Julie and we have been able to get Samantha training off to a great start.  Julie was patient with Samantha and us.  She was very knowledgeable and helped in may way.  It was also great to have her come to our house.  I highly recommend her as a trainer."

Samantha intrigued with the noise the camera makes

"We are very grateful for the work Julie did with us and our wonderful pup, Laika. We had done a fair amount of training with Laika in group classes, but she had developed an obsession with patrolling our front yard and barking at people walking by. It was gradually getting worse and worse and we were trying to decide what we could do about it when our wonderful, sweet dog charged out of her invisible fence boundary and bit someone. We found the Paws Applause website, and began training with Julie immediately. While group classes are great for getting your pup interaction with other dogs, the individual focus on your dog in her home is much more productive for training. Julie quickly identified some issues for us to tackle and it has made a huge difference. One of the things we found most comfortable about working with Julie was that she is flexible in her approach and not at all judgmental.  Laika is much more relaxed than a few months ago, and we are so glad to have our happy pup back." 
Laika with some off leash play time

"Julie trained my two black labs and the training was very effective and thorough. Cleo is nine years old and Kiya is eighteen months old. Julie taught my husband and myself how to use an obedience collar to communicate commands to the dogs. This training program is a painless method of using pressure to make the dogs understand simple commands. It was very easy for 
Kiya to understand what we wanted her to do and Cleo benefited as well. Julie trained the dogs 
at our home. The dogs were very comfortable and it was very convenient for us. I highly recommend Julie as a dog trainer."

Kiya (left) and Cleo (right) in a Sit/Stay

"Julie is an excellent dog trainer and also an excellent teacher of dog owners. She can ‘read’ a dog quickly, adjust the dog's instructions accordingly and help one attain what one thought was impossible fast.
Before we started training, Julie spent almost an hour with my dog assessing his behavioral issues. Once training began, Julie would demonstrate what she wanted me to do and then have me practice it with my dog. She gave manageable homework assignments and put the instructions in writing. I love that she comes to our house and works with us in our environment.   In between lessons, I called Julie a few times with questions and problems. She responded quickly and always had an idea on how to correct the problem.
I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of “OUR” training!    Julie completed everything she promised and more. Her training was worth every penny spent. Before Julie’s training, we were often frustrated with our dog’s lack of obedience and behavior. Now we thoroughly enjoy every minute, from walks to being at home. It has been a complete 180 degree turn-around. We would definitely recommend Julie and go back for further training if needed.
While Duke is still a very “active/hyper” boxer – he is learning to follow commands and tries so hard to behave!  Would definitely recommend Julie to anyone considering helping their dogs!"

Duke being taught "appropriate jumping" through a hoop

"Julie is a fantastic dog trainer! After the first session we started to a see a change in Buddy. She taught us that some of our day to day routines were affecting him negatively. Making these small changes with the guidance of Julie really helped Buddy's out of control demeanor. Many of our friends have come over after all of our training sessions and said it is like meeting a new dog. 
You won't get the same type of training that you would in a group training facility like Petco. Julie conveniently comes right to your home and helps you train the dog in his own environment. She is also so much less expensive than those places. We are so glad that she was able to help us train Buddy. I will recommend Julie to all of my friends."

Buddy in a "Sit and Stay"

"We had our rescue dog Vaughn a few months when we found The Paws Applause business card at our doggie daycare.  Vaughn had a few issues to work on and so didn't we.  Julie came to our home once a week for an hour to help us train our skiddish rescue.  Within weeks Vaughn made trmendous progress and so didn't his humans.  Julie not only helped us but also got our neighbors involved in his training to better socialize him when the neighbors come to visit.  Today Vaughn is still making tremendous strides everyday and we believe Julie truly helped us bring this skidish rescue pup into a FABULOUS pet.  Julie has remand our friend and we know we can always count on going to her if needed for advise with Vaughn. Thank you Julie for Vaughn training and our better understanding of our rescue Vaughn."

Vaughn - no longer afraid

"Julie was great with Harleigh! she didn't just teach Harleigh, she taught us as well. Harleigh learned so many new tricks from Julie and is walking so much better on her leash! Julie has a great personality, is easy to get along with, and great with my dog! Harleigh looked forward to seeing her every week! we are so thankful to Julie for all she taught us and Harleigh and we are definitely going to miss our weekly meetings!"

Harleigh in a "Sit and Stay"
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